History of Tarraleah

A 14 mile road was built from the west coast road to the site of the new camp (Tarraleah). Men were transported to the road junction at Bronte Park and walked with pack horses to the site. They were issued with a tent and it was here at Tarraleah that one of the earliest attempts to provide housing for workers took place. Workers were supplied with one hundred palings, at a cost of about 10 pounds, to build their own crude houses. The camp site was known as Tickleberry Flats and was the fore- runner to Tarraleah Village. In the 1920s the land was heavily forested. By the 1930s the forest was cleared and the Lodge (then known as the Chalet) and the first cottages were constructed to attract quality engineering staff to Tarraleah. More housing followed and by 1980 the town had a population of 1600 people.